One of the principal support service available at Twin Towers Medical Clinic is the Imaging Department which provides essential services in both General & Special Radiography to assist in medical diagnosis. Equipped with sophisticated equipment and operated by fully qualified staff, our radiologist and radiographer perform over 80 different studies in the areas of

1. General Radiography Studies (chest, extremities, etc.)
2. Contrast Studies
3. Mammography
4. Ultrasound

The Imaging Department is missioned to provide the a high standard of medical care and we offer prompt appointments, efficient and fast service and results within 24 hours or one working day.


Our qualified radiographer, licensed by the Ministry of Health (KKM),will perform all the General x-ray and Mammography examinations. She will then develop the films, checks them to ensure they are of diagnostic quality before passing them to the radiologist to read and diagnose. The final reports will be despatched, faxed or e-mailed to you within 24 hours from the time your x-ray or mammogram was taken.

However, for contrast studies and ultrasound examinations, the procedure will be performed by the radiologist who will then perform the reporting immediately. You will be able to obtain your reports/results together with the films within hours.